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Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (WPCTSA)


The Western Placer Consolidated Transportation Service Agency (WPCTSA) is a joint powers agency (JPA) with the power to provide and coordinate social service transportation for the western portion of Placer County, including services for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Under the terms of the JPA, PCTPA was designated as the administrator of the WPCTSA.

The PCTPA Board of Directors serves as the WPCTSA’s Board of Directors, as such whenever the PCTPA Board convenes WPCTSA matters may or may not be included in the agenda. The PCTPA Board meets monthly.

WPCTSA services went into effect in January 2009 and the programs are intended to provide transportation services for Placer County residents who are not able to use conventional public transit services operating within western Placer County.  Each program responds to a unique transportation need not otherwise currently met or met well within a prescribed service area.

Funding for the WPCTSA services and programs comes from Article 4.5 of the Transportation Development Act (TDA), which is typically apportioned by the PCTPA Board of Directors in August each year. The WPCTSA currently collaborates with partnering agencies and/or non-profit organizations, to administer its programs, such as the City of Roseville and Seniors First.

Some of the programs funded and/or administered by the WPCTSA include: 

For more information about the WPCTSA’s programs, call the South Placer Call Center at (530 or 916) 745-7560.

Placer Rides Program – 1.800.878.9222, ext. 213

The Placer Rides program replaced the former My Rides and Health Express services in an effort to continue providing efficient and effective transportation alternatives to Placer County residents that would not otherwise be able to access traditional public transit systems and/or services. Placer Rides, administered by Seniors First, has two main program components: the volunteer driver reimbursement and the last resort ride programs. Overall, the Placer Rides program makes door-to-door services available to residents throughout Placer County, including areas such as North Tahoe, Sheridan, and east of Colfax to the I-80/SR-20 Interchange near Yuba Gap. 

For the volunteer driver reimbursement program component, residents can choose a relative, neighbor, friend, and/or any other volunteer driver to transport them for non-emergency medical appointments, public assistance, and other quality of life types of services. These trips are reimbursed through Seniors First to the resident (passenger), based upon approved mileage reimbursement rates and other program criteria, who then can provide that reimbursement payment directly to the driver to compensate them for providing the transportation service.

The last resort program component allows eligible individuals to receive up to two roundtrip trips per month on a private, commercial transportation provider service to non-emergency medical appointments, which are arranged and paid for by Seniors First based on established program criteria.

For more information regarding this program, please call 916-782-4202 or 530-492-5402, or visit the Seniors First Placer Rides Program’s website.

Mobility Training Program

If you or someone you know needs some one-on-one assistance with navigating the local fixed-route transit services (Auburn Transit, Placer County Transit and Roseville Transit), a Mobility Trainer can help. Contact the program administrator by filling out the contact form on the Mobility Training Program website or by calling (530 or 916) 745-7560.