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State aviation law requires Compatibility Plans be updated regularly. The ALUC last adopted its ALUCP in 2014. The ALUC retained Mead + Hunt to assist staff with the 2021 ALUCP update. Both the Auburn Municipal and Lincoln Regional Airports recently updated their airport layout plans, which have implications for future land use compatibility, triggering a need to update the county-wide ALUCP.

Another key focus of the 2021 update was to clarify and enhance ALUCP policies to improve implementation of the plan by local jurisdictions. Also, as required by state law, the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook provided guidance in updating compatibility policies, criteria, and procedures in the ALUCP. 

The 2021 update was adopted on September 22, 2021.

2021 Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) (Amended May 24, 2023)

Full Final ALUCP

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Procedural Policies

Chapter 3: Countywide Compatibility Policies

Chapter 4: Auburn Municipal Airport Compatibility Policies

Chapter 5: Blue Canyon Airport Compatibility Policies and Maps

Chapter 6: Lincoln Regional Airport Compatibility Policies and Maps

Chapter 7: Background Data - Auburn Municipal Airport and Environs

Chapter 8: Background Data - Blue Canyon Airport and Environs

Chapter 9: Background Data - Lincoln Regional Airport and Environs


Attachment A: Adoption Resolution No. 21-30 - CEQA Documentation

Attachment B: Adoption Resolution No. 21-31 - Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan

*Documents may make reference to the ALUCP's environmental documents. Drafts of those documents can be viewed here.